Giamanje is well positioned to provide customized Accredited training for both individuals and groups within specified time frames and budgets. Giamanje is built on the principle of effective delivery through a thorough professional work ethic that prioritizes quality. Our track record testifies our commitment to our VISION as a learning organization.

Giamanje is a 100% black woman owned. We are a private company that employs 3 people directly and 10 people indirectly (consultants).

Our directors have vast experience in Education, Training and Development. Our services include the following:
  1. SMMEs Development programs
  2. Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Gap analysis, Planning, Development and Management.
  3. Feasibility Studies & Planning on Sustainable Business Incubation
  4. Project Management
  5. SMMEs support services and
  6. Skills Training & Development Programmes as well as Learnership placements.


Ms Luleka Sotshangane is an entrepreneur, visionary, motivational speaker and founder of Giamanje .She studied Information Technology Management, Tourism and Reception Management, Mentoring and Coaching. She is also an experienced Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator. She has a passion for empowerment and development programs.


Is to develop skills that will contribute to the economy of the country by providing cutting edge accredited training and skills development.


Is to be one of the leading training institutions for business development in South Africa by 2020.


  • Promote business skills training and development
  • Create employment for the youth and other transversal groups
  • Reduce poverty and under development


  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Partnership
  • People centered approach


Giamanje was registered in 2006 and derives its background on the black empowerment initiative created by the government to uplift and develop black economic empowerment beneficiaries.


Giamanje provides an array of specialized services that cut across business spectrum with it’s focus on skills development and Accredited training programs which seeks to provide them with a high standard skills thereby create self-dependent employment.