Co-operative Governance Training Services

Giamanje provide Co-operative Governance Training services

You will be able to:
  • Understand what a Co-operative is about?
  • Apply co-operative values and principles
  • Identify and select different types of Co-operatives
  • Identify and describe the characteristics of a successful Cooperative;
  • Understand the Co-operative Act
  • Understand who should form a co-operative
  • Identify, assess and improve individual’s characteristics
  • Do own SWOT analysis (Personality Profile)
  • Understand how start and manage a co-operative
  • Understand Co-operative Structures
  • Understand their roles in a Co-operative
  • Explain and demonstrate effective teamwork strategies in a Co-operative context.
  • Access funding, apply good governance and administration
  • Manage Finances of a Cooperatives
  • Identify and solve problems.


Giamanje provides an array of specialized services that cut across business spectrum with it’s focus on skills development and Accredited training programs which seeks to provide them with a high standard skills thereby create self-dependent employment.