Business Essentials

Skills Training course in the following:
  • Manage Business Operations
  • Manage Marketing & Selling Processes
  • Manage Finances
  • Produce a Business Plan

Web & Marketing Essentials

Marketing and Branding which includes the following:
  • Logo Design (free)
  • Website design development
  • Domains registration, website hosting
  • Business cards
  • Business banner

Bookkeeping Essentials

Bookkeeping software installation and training:
  • Bookkeeping Software
  • Software Installation (free)
  • Software Training

Legal Write Essentials

Compliance and Legal Essentials
  • Legal Write Assistance Software
  • Install a legal write document software for SMEs.
  • This will assist SMEs in drafting legal documents for their businesses, i.e., service level agreement, joint venture agreement, etc.
  • The system is available in a simple easy to use format.

Mentorship Essentials

Mentorship Essentials
  • A mentoring session by Executives in the respective field of the SMMEs. (Free)


Giamanje provides an array of specialized services that cut across business spectrum with it’s focus on skills development and Accredited training programs which seeks to provide them with a high standard skills thereby create self-dependent employment.